Transportation You can reach Sinai on foot in 20 minutes. There is a parking lot for those with a car. Kind You can choose to take a half-day guided tour from Braşov that visits the most beautiful castles of Transylvania such as Peles and Bran. So you don't have to worry about transportation. Click here to buy tickets for the Transylvanian castles tour. Working hours From the second half of September until summer, the opening hours and days of the castle change. The opening time, which is normally 9.15 in the morning, is changed to 11 am. The castle is also closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Pricing There are student, child and pensioner discounts. In order to benefit from the discount, it is necessary to show the student card. They charge a separate fee for Video & Photography, but because it's dim, the photos don't come out very well unless they're taken with a good camera. There is a Peles and a Pelisor Castle in the same area. You may even go to Pelisor, mistaking